5 Interesting Facts About Santa Marta de los Barros

Santa Marta de Los Barros is a municipality in Colombia located near the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Mountains and the Caribbean Sea. It’s the capital of the province of Magdalena. It’s a crucial maritime port for the city and a golden charm for tourists. The city has a rich culture and history.
Santa Marta is an interesting city. The following are the five interesting facts about Santa Marta de los Barros.

  1. It was founded more than 500 years ago
    This magnificent city was founded back July 1925 by Rodrigo de Bastidas, a renown Spanish conqueror. He named it after a Spanish holy day that was celebrated in the past. Other historians argue that Rodrigo named the city after Santa de Astorgas, a Spanish city he had visited before. Santa Marta is one of the first cities to be founded in Colombia.
  2. Simon Bolivar, the liberator died in Santa Marta
    This famous liberator died in December 1830 in the outskirts of the city. He died on Quinta de San Pedro Alejandro farm located in the city outskirts. Colombian Armed Conflict has greatly affected the city.
  3. The city lost its maritime importance during the colonial period
    Santa Marta lost its maritime and seaport importance in the colonial era since immigrants preferred the nearby Cartagena city.
  4. Industrialization in Santa Martha begun in 1850
    British, French, North American immigrants and the locals begun to industrialize the city. They formed trade associations with farmers and industries. They built roads and railways to connect the industries. This made the city to grow exponentially, together with the warm weather which favored immigrants.
  5. Santa Martha was a hub for exporting coal and bananas
    In the 20th century, this city became a massive hub for exporting bananas and coal. International companies acquired bananas and coal from the interior.
    The University of Magdalena in Santa Martha was established in 1871 and had two faculties: Medicine and Law.

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